favorite Things

about meg

  • A backless dress
  • Any dog to ever cross my path
  • Music from past decades
  • Movie nights (or days, for that matter)
  • Boots and/or the perfect pair of jeans
  • Being outside
  • Road trips


Fashion, for me, began as a new outlet of expression in my artistic scope. I had been drawing and painting throughout my childhood and then got interested in clothing. That stemmed into a desire to have clothing that was a little bit different--a little more special. From that came my desire to create it myself.

I arrived at Virginia Commonwealth University, knowing that my future was in fashion design. After Art Foundation, I spent three years learning and then perfecting my design, illustration and construction skills, as well as my personal design aesthetic. 

My aesthetic is a combination of my personal style and a little piece of my imagination. I focus more on a simple silhouette with unique detail to combine comfort and creative design. 

I always want to feel comfortable and like myself in clothing. I try to find that for other people: "Fashion to feel comfortable in your own skin, I suppose."
For more information or references, please contact me at meggbrowning@gmail.com